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Unlock the true potential of your career

Find the right match

No job searching, we automatically match your skills and career goals with best-fitting jobs.


Get discovered by employers

We put your profile in front of employers align with your needs to help you get headhunted.


Showcase your talent

Show-off your personal accomplishments, content and projects to stand out.


How UProspr finds the right job for you

Create a profile

Tell us what you’re great at and what you are looking for.

We find your perfect job

AI algorithm finds the best jobs matching your skills and career goals.

You decide

Choose the jobs and employers you want to work for with the click of a button.

Diverse and inclusive

At UProspr, we help eliminate unconscious bias on the basis of race, age, disability, general beliefs or sexual orientation - making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to shine.

  • Employers don't see personal details until the interview.
  • Hiding personal details protects your privacy.
  • Our unique process ensures everyone gets a fair chance.
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What people say about UProspr

“Quick, simple and easy to use, no more tailoring my CV or writing cover letters for every job application. ”

Asha Sharma - London

“UProspr has been amazing for me, it gave me the confidence to apply to jobs I did not think I was qualified for. ”

Michael Howlett - Birmingham

“So much better than job boards, It's super easy to use, and the option to publish my coursework and project is great.”

Ashley Smith - Glasgow

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