UProspr helps recruiters find skilled people without the hassle of searching.

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What UProspr does for you

Find the right match

Assess candidates to discover peoples true potential and make sure they have the skills and attributes to succeed.

Attract candidates

Promote your jobs on LinkedIn and other platforms to attract active and passive candidates.

Reduce workload

Automate applicant filtering, screening, and interview scheduling so you can focus on more important stuff.

How UProspr finds best-fit people for you

Create a profile

Tell us what you're looking for in a candidate and the job specifications.

We find your perfect match

AI algorithm finds the top-5 candidates matching your requirements and specifications.

You decide

Select the best candidates you want to interview with the click of a button.

Diversity and inclusion drives performance

At UProspr, we help companies like yours to build a diverse and inclusive workplace. We help eliminate unconscious bias on the basis of race, age, disability, general beliefs or sexual orientation - making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to shine.

  • UProspr ranking is based on candidates fit with the role, regardless of their background and features.
  • 35% - That’s how much more likely diverse and inclusive teams are to outperform their peers.
  • 1.4x - That’s how much more revenue diverse and inclusive organisations generate.
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Live video interviews

Interview people remotely with build-in video chat technology to recruit faster.

Automated interview scheduling

Schedule interviews in seconds, without the back-and-forth emails or telephone calls.

Personalised assessments

Use personalised assessments to look beyond basic degrees, experience and background.

Employer branding

Publish personalised videos, photos, blogs and career pages to engage people.


Create e-learning material to teach people about company culture, products and tools.

Applicant management system

Reject, accept, and hire in one platform. without the back-and-forth emails or telephone calls.

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